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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A 3D-bioprinting exemplar of the consequences of the regulatory requirements on customised processesHourd, Paul C.; Medcalf, Nick; Williams, David J.; Segal, Joel
2016Automating decentralized manufacturing of cell and gene therapy products.Harrison, Richard P.; Rafiq, Qasim A.; Medcalf, Nick
2016Cell microfactories: manufacturing cell-based therapeutics [FIRM abstract]Harrison, Richard P.; Thurman-Newell, Jamie A.; Petzing, Jon N.; Rafiq, Qasim A.; Medcalf, Nick
2016Cell microfactories: manufacturing cell-based therapeutics [TCES abstract]Harrison, Richard P.; Thurman-Newell, Jamie A.; Medcalf, Nick; Petzing, Jon N.; Rafiq, Qasim A.
2016Centralized or decentralized manufacturing? Key business model considerations for cell therapiesMedcalf, Nick
2016Comparability: Manufacturing, characterization and controls, report of a UK Regenerative Medicine Platform Pluripotent Stem Cell Platform Workshop, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 14-15 September 2015Williams, David J.; Archer, J. Richard; Archibald, Peter R.T.; Bantounas, Ioannis; Baptista, Ricardo; Barker, Roger; Barry, Jacqueline; Bietrix, Florence; Blair, Nicholas; Braybrook, Julian; Campbell, Jonathan; Canham, Maurice; Chandra, Amit; Foldes, Gabor; Gilmanshin, Rudy; Girard, Mathilde; Gorjup, Erwin; Hewitt, Zoe; Hourd, Paul C.; Hyllner, Johan; Jesson, Helen; Kee, Jasmin; Kerby, Julie; Kotsopoulou, Nina; Kowalski, Stanley; Leidel, Chris; Marshall, Damian; Masi, Louis; McCall, Mark J.S.; McCann, Conor; Medcalf, Nick; Moore, Harry; Ozawa, Hiroki; Pan, David; Parmar, Malin; Plant, Anne L.; Reinwald, Yvonne; Sebastian, Sujith; Stacey, Glyn; Thomas, Robert James; Thomas, Dave; Thurman-Newell, Jamie A.; Turner, Marc; Vitillio, Loriana; Wall, Ivan; Wilson, Alison; Wolfrum, Jacqueline; Yang, Ying; Zimmerman, Heiko
2016Cryopreservation process development for clinical translation of a bioartificial liver support device [Abstract]Picken, Andrew; Liu, Qian; Iftimia-Mander, Andreea D.; Ginai, Maaria; Lamb, S.; Morris, J.; Medcalf, Nick
2017Decentralized manufacturing of cell and gene therapies: Overcoming challenges and identifying opportunitiesHarrison, Richard P.; Ruck, Steven; Medcalf, Nick; Rafiq, Qasim A.
2017Facilitating the operational readiness of the NHS for the in-house manufacture and delivery of autologous cell therapyZiya, S.; Medcalf, Nick; El Haj, Alicia J.; Wright, K.T.
2014From production to patient: challenges and approaches for delivering cell therapies.Coopman, Karen; Medcalf, Nick
2017Informed decision-making for decentralised manufacturing of cell and gene therapiesHarrison, Richard P.; Ruck, Steven; Rafiq, Qasim A.; Medcalf, Nick
May-2017Manufacturability and ITS impact upon cell-based product process design [Abstract]Braybrook, Julian; Campbell, Jonathan; Petzing, Jon N.; Medcalf, Nick
2015Overcoming the translational challenges of the effective administration and delivery of cellsLyness, Alexander M.; Medcalf, Nick; Williams, David J.
2017Pluripotent stem cell based medicinal products: A case study of process transfer related technical and manufacturing issues [Abstract]Sebastian, Sujith; Chandra, Amit; Hourd, Paul C.; Wilson, Samantha L.; McCall, Mark J.S.; Medcalf, Nick; Thomas, Robert James; Williams, David J.
2016Putting a price tag on novel autologous cellular therapiesAbou-El-Enein, Mohamed; Bauer, Gerhard; Medcalf, Nick; Volk, Hans-Dieter; Reinke, Petra
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15