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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Asymmetry of the latent heat signature in b-axis oriented single crystal Gd Si GeMorrison, Kelly; Pecharsky, V.K.; Gschneidner, K.A.; Cohen, L.F.
2017Co2MnSi:Pt multilayers for giant spin Seebeck devicesCox, Christopher D.W.; Caruana, Andrew J.; Cropper, Michael D.; Tatnell, David M.; Kinane, Christy J.; Charlton, Timothy R.; Morrison, Kelly
2008A d.c. magnetic metamaterialMagnus, F.; Wood, B.; Moore, J.; Morrison, Kelly; Perkins, G.; Wiltshire, M.C.K.; Caplin, D.; Cohen, L.F.; Pendry, J.B.; Fyson, John
2016Demonstration of polycrystalline thin film coatings on glass for spin Seebeck energy harvestingCaruana, Andrew J.; Cropper, Michael D.; Zipfel, Jake; Zhou, Zhaoxia; West, G.D.; Morrison, Kelly
2011Effect of Al substitution on the magnetocaloric properties of La(Fe SiAl)Morrison, Kelly; Podgornykh, S.M.; Shcherbakova, Y.V.; Caplin, A.D.; Cohen, L.F.
2012Evaluation of the reliability of the measurement of key magnetocaloric properties: a round robin study of La(Fe,Si,Mn)Hδ conducted by the SSEEC consortium of European laboratoriesMorrison, Kelly; Sandeman, K.G.; Cohen, L.F.; Sasso, C.P.; Basso, V.; Barcza, A.; Katter, M.; Moore, J.D.; Skokov, K.P.; Gutfleisch, O.
2013Identifying the critical point of the weakly first-order itinerant magnet DyCo2 with complementary magnetization and calorimetric measurementsMorrison, Kelly; Dupas, A.; Mudryk, Y.; Pecharsky, V.K.; Gschneidner, K.A.; Caplin, A.D.; Cohen, L.F.
2015Influence of thermal conductivity on the dynamic response of magnetocaloric materialsPorcari, G.; Morrison, Kelly; Cugini, F.; Turcaud, J.A.; Guillou, F.; Berenov, A.; van Dijk, N.H.; Brueck, E.; Cohen, L.F.; Solzi, M.
2017Optimisation of Co2MnSi thin films and multilayers for spin Seebeck devicesCox, Christopher D.W.; Morrison, Kelly; Cropper, Michael D.
2011Origin of hysteresis in La Ca MnOMorrison, Kelly; Berenov, A.; Cohen, L.F.
2014Overview of the characteristic features of the magnetic phase transition with regards to the magnetocaloric effect: the hidden relationship between hysteresis and latent heatMorrison, Kelly; Cohen, L.F.
2009Reducing extrinsic hysteresis in first-order la (Fe,Co,Si)13 magnetocaloric systemsMoore, J.D.; Morrison, Kelly; Sandeman, K.G.; Katter, M.; Cohen, L.F.
2014Spontaneous magnetization above TC in polycrystalline La0.7 Ca0.3 MnO3 and La0.7 Ba0.3 MnO3Turcaud, J.A.; Pereira, A.M.; Sandeman, K.G.; Amaral, J.S.; Morrison, Kelly; Berenov, A.; Daoud-Aladine, A.; Cohen, L.F.
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13