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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Anatomy of Ag/hafnia-based selectors with 1010 nonlinearityMidya, Rivu; Wang, Zhongrui; Zhang, Jiaming; Savel'ev, Sergey; Li, Can; Rao, Mingyi; Jang, Moon Hyung; Joshi, Saumil; Jiang, Hao; Lin, Peng; Norris, Kate; Ge, Ning; Wu, Qing; Barnell, Mark; Li, Zhiyong; Xin, Huolin L.; Williams, R.S.; Xia, Qiangfei; Yang, J. Joshua
2014Anomalous cross-field diffusion in a magnetic trapSavel'ev, Sergey; Marchesoni, Fabio
2010Asymmetric long Josephson junction acting as a ratchet for a quantum fieldSboychakov, A.O.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Rakhmanov, Alexander L.; Nori, Franco
2016Chemotaxis of artificial microswimmers in active density wavesGeiseler, Alexander; Hanggi, Peter; Marchesoni, Fabio; Mulhern, Colm; Savel'ev, Sergey
2010Collective shuttling of attracting particles in asymmetric narrow channelsPototsky, Andrey; Archer, Andrew J.; Bestehorn, M.; Merkt, D.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Marchesoni, Fabio
2008Controlling Josephson dynamics by strong microwave fieldsChesca, Boris; Savel'ev, Sergey; Rakhmanov, Alexander L.; Smilde, H.J.H.; Hilgenkamp, H.
2008Current induced decomposition of Abrikosov vortices in p-n layered superconductors and heterostructuresRakhmanov, Alexander L.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2018Diffusive memristor artificial neurons for fully memristive neural networkWang, Zhongrui; Joshi, Saumil; Savel'ev, Sergey; Song, Wenhao; Midya, Rivu; Li, Yunning; Rao, Mingyi; Yan, Peng; Asapu, Shiva; Zhuo, Ye; Jiang, Hao; Lin, Peng; Li, Can; Yoon, Jung Ho; Upadhyay, Navnidhi K.; Zhang, Jiaming; Hu, Miao; Strachan, John Paul; Barnell, Mark; Wu, Qing; Wu, Huaqiang; Williams, R.S.; Xia, Qiangfei; Yang, J. Joshua
2014Dirac fermion time-Floquet crystal: manipulating Dirac pointsRodriguez-Lopez, Pablo; Betouras, Joseph J.; Savel'ev, Sergey
2018Dirac-Weyl points’ manipulation using linear polarised laser field in Floquet crystals for various graphene superlatticesAlfadhli, S.A.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Kusmartsev, F.V.
2015Effect of ordered array of magnetic dots on the dynamics of Josephson vortices in stacked SNS Josephson junctions under DC and AC currentBerdiyorov, G.R.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Peeters, F.M.
2015Effects of lasing in a one-dimensional quantum metamaterialAsai, Hidehiro; Savel'ev, Sergey; Kawabata, Shiro; Zagoskin, Alexandre M.
2008Electron-beam instability in left-handed mediaBliokh, Yury P.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Nori, Franco
2009Excitation of surface plasma waves across the layers of intrinsic Josephson junctionsKadygrob, D.V.; Golick, V.A.; Yampol'skii, V.A.; Slipchenko, T.M.; Gulevich, Dmitry R.; Savel'ev, Sergey
2012Feedback-controlled adiabatic quantum computationWilson, Richard D.; Zagoskin, Alexandre M.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Everitt, Mark J.; Nori, Franco
2010Geometric stochastic resonanceGhosh, Pulak Kumar; Marchesoni, Fabio; Savel'ev, Sergey; Nori, Franco
2012Harmonic mixing in two coupled qubits: Quantum synchronization via ac drivesSavel'ev, Sergey; Washington, Zoe; Zagoskin, Alexandre M.; Everitt, Mark J.
2013The influence of dissipation in a 1D quantum metamaterialWilson, Richard D.; Everitt, Mark J.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Zagoskin, Alexandre M.
2013In-phase motion of Josephson vortices in stacked SNS Josephson junctions: effect of ordered pinningBerdiyorov, G.R.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Peeters, F.M.
2013Is a single photon's wave front observable?Zagoskin, Alexandre M.; Wilson, Richard D.; Everitt, Mark J.; Savel'ev, Sergey; Gulevich, Dmitry R.; Allen, J.; Dubrovich, V.K.; Il'ichev, E.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 51