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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Age-related changes in human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells: consequences for cell therapiesStolzing, Alexandra; Jones, E.; McGonagle, D.; Scutt, Andrew
2006Age-related impairment of mesenchymal progenitor cell functionStolzing, Alexandra; Scutt, Andrew
2013Aging-mechanisms, models, and translationStolzing, Alexandra; Haendeler, J.
2006Aging of mesenchymal stem cellsSethe, Sebastian; Scutt, Andrew; Stolzing, Alexandra
2014The aging signature: a hallmark of induced pluripotent stem cells?Rohani, Leili; Johnson, Adiv A.; Arnold, Antje; Stolzing, Alexandra
2009Allogeneic non-adherent bone marrow cells facilitate hematopoietic recovery but do not lead to allogeneic engraftmentFricke, Stephan; Ackermann, Manuela; Stolzing, Alexandra; Schimmelpfennig, Christoph; Hilger, Nadja; Jahns, Jutta; Hildebrandt, Guido; Emmrich, Frank; Ruschpler, Peter; Posel, Claudia; Kamprad, Manja; Sack, Ulrich
2015Alzheimer: nasal transplantation of microgliaFabian, Claire; Naaldijk, Yahaira; Stolzing, Alexandra
2011Angiogenic properties of aged adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells after hypoxic conditioningEfimenko, Anastasia; Starostina, Ekaterina; Kalinina, Natalia; Stolzing, Alexandra
2018Anharmonic acoustic effects during DNA hybridization on an electrochemical quartz crystal resonatorSwarbrick, Samantha; Efimov, Igor; Ostanin, Victor P.; Klenerman, David; Stolzing, Alexandra; Ghosh, Sourav K.
2004Antioxidants effectively prevent oxidation-induced protein damage in OLN 93 cellsErnst, Andrea; Stolzing, Alexandra; Sandig, Grit; Grune, Tilman
2017Application of combined gene and cell therapy within an implantable therapeutic device for the treatment of severe haemophilia AOlgasi, Cristina; Merlin, Simone; Bergmann, Thorsten; Borsotti, C.; Mazzuca, Delfina; Stolzing, Alexandra; Zierau, Martin; Toleikis, Philip; Braspenning, Joris; Follenzi, Antonia
2015Biodistribution of in vitro-derived microglia applied intranasally and intravenously to mice: effects of agingLeovsky, Christiane; Fabian, Claire; Naaldijk, Yahaira; Jaeger, Carsten; Jang, Hwa Jin; Boehme, Josephine; Rudolph, Lukas; Stolzing, Alexandra
2016Biomarkers to identify and isolate senescent cells.Matjusaitis, Mantas; Chin, Greg; Sarnoski, Ethan Anders; Stolzing, Alexandra
2016Bistable epigenetic states explain age-dependent decline in mesenchymal stem cell heterogeneityHamidouche, Zahia; Rother, Karen; Przybilla, Jens; Krinner, Axel; Clay, Dennis; Hopp, Lydia; Fabian, Claire; Stolzing, Alexandra; Binder, Hans; Charbord, Pierre; Galle, Joerg
2011The cannabinoid receptors agonist WIN55212-2 inhibits macrophageal differentiation and alters expression and phosphorylation of cell cycle control proteinsPaulsen, Katrin; Tauber, Svantje; Timm, Johanna; Goelz, Nadine; Dumrese, Claudia; Stolzing, Alexandra; Hass, Ralf; Ullrich, Oliver
2018Cellular senescence: immunosurveillance and future immunotherapyBurton, Dominick G.A.; Stolzing, Alexandra
2007Cellular therapy using microglial cellsSchloendorn, John; Sethe, Sebastian; Stolzing, Alexandra
2005Chronically active: activation of microglial proteolysis in ageing and neurodegenerationStolzing, Alexandra; Sethe, Sebastian; Grune, Tilman
2016Comparison of different cooling rates for fibroblast and keratinocyte cryopreservationNaaldijk, Yahaira; Friedrich-Stockigt, Annett; Sethe, Sebastian; Stolzing, Alexandra
2002The consequences of acute cold exposure on protein oxidation and proteasome activity in short-tailed field voles, Microtus agrestisSelman, Colin; Grune, Tilman; Stolzing, Alexandra; Jakstadt, Manuela; McLaren, Jane S.; Speakman, John R.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 71