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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Oct-2015Adhesive bandage type artificial active tissue constructed by using culture solution without serum or bovine pituitary extracts and construction method of adhesive bandage type artificial active tissueSun, Tao
2008Agent based modelling helps in understanding the rules by which fibroblasts support keratinocyte colony formationSun, Tao; McMinn, Phil; Holcombe, Mike; Smallwood, Rod; MacNeil, Sheila
2009Automated tracking of migrating cells in phase-contrast video microscopy sequences using image registrationHand, A.J.; Sun, Tao; Barber, D.C.; Hose, D.R.; MacNeil, Sheila
2000Chromatography of human prothrombin from Nitschmann fraction III on Q Sepharose Fast Flow using axial and radial flow columnSun, Tao; Chen, Ge; Liu, Yipin; Bu, Fengrong; Wen, Meijuan
2018Comparison of human dermal fibroblasts and HaCat cells cultured in medium with or without serum via a generic tissue engineering research platformGabbott, Christopher M.; Sun, Tao
2006Culture of skin cells in 3D rather than 2D improves their ability to survive exposure to cytotoxic agentsSun, Tao; Jackson, Simon; Haycock, John W.; MacNeil, Sheila
2007Development of a 3D cell culture system for investigating cell interactions with electrospun fibersSun, Tao; Norton, David; McKean, Robert J.; Haycock, John W.; Ryan, Anthony J.; MacNeil, Sheila
2008Development of a bioreactor for evaluating novel nerve conduitsSun, Tao; Norton, David; Vickers, Naomi; McArthur, Sally L.; MacNeil, Shelia; Ryan, Anthony J.; Haycock, John W.
2005Development of a closed bioreactor system for culture of tissue-engineered skin at an air–liquid interfaceSun, Tao; Norton, David; Haycock, John W.; Ryan, Anthony J.; MacNeil, Sheila
2013The Development of a ɛ-Polycaprolactone Scaffold for Central Nervous System RepairDonoghue, Peter S.; Lamond, Rebecca; Boomkamp, Stephanie D.; Sun, Tao; Gadegaard, Nikolaj; Riehle, Mathis O.; Barnett, Susan C.
2009Development of a mini 3D cell culture system using well defined nickel grids for the investigation of cell scaffold interactionsSun, Tao; Smallwood, Rod; MacNeil, Sheila
2014Development of a novel 3D culture system for screening features of a complex implantable device for CNS repairDonoghue, Peter S.; Sun, Tao; Gadegaard, Nikolaj; Riehle, Mathis O.; Barnett, Susan C.
2010Development of a three dimensional multiscale computational model of the human epidermisAdra, Salem; Sun, Tao; MacNeil, Sheila; Holcombe, Mike; Smallwood, Rod
2004Developments in xenobiotic-free culture of human keratinocytes for clinical useSun, Tao; Higham, Mike; Layton, Chris; Haycock, John W.; Short, Robert; MacNeil, Sheila
1997Effect of elevated temperature on Trichoderma viride SL-1 in solid state fermentationsSun, Tao; Liu, Beihui; Liu, Deming; Li, Zuohu
1999Effects of air pressure amplitudes on cellulase productivity by Trichoderma viride SL-1 in periodic pressure solid state fermenterSun, Tao; Liu, Beihui; Li, Zuohu; Liu, Deming
1997Enhanced cellulase production in fed-batch solid state fermentation of Trichoderma viride SL-1Sun, Tao; Liu, Beihui; Li, Zuohu
2010Enhanced fluorescence imaging of live cells by effective cytosolic delivery of probesMassignani, Marzia; Canton, Irene; Sun, Tao; Hearnden, Vanessa; MacNeil, Sheila; Blanazs, Adam; Armes, Steven P.; Lewis, Andrew; Battaglia, Giuseppe
2016Evaluation of genipin-crosslinked chitosan hydrogels as a potential carrier for silver sulfadiazine nanocrystalsGao, Lei; Gan, Hui; Meng, Zhiyun; Gu, Ruolan; Wu, Zhuona; Zhu, Xiaoxia; Sun, Wenzhong; Li, Jian; Zheng, Ying; Sun, Tao; Dou, Guifang
2009Exploring hypotheses of the actions of TGF-β1 in epidermal wound healing using a 3D computational multiscale model of the human epidermisSun, Tao; Adra, Salem; Smallwood, Rod; Holcombe, Mike; MacNeil, Sheila
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