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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis of human breath samples using a modified thermal desorption: gas chromatography electrospray ionization interfaceReynolds, James C.; Jimoh, Modupe A.; Guallar-Hoyas, Cristina; Creaser, Colin S.; Siddiqui, Salman; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2011Assessment of the feasibility of the use of conductive polymers in the fabrication of ion mobility spectrometersKoimtzis, Theodoros; Goddard, Nick J.; Wilson, Ian D.; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2017Characterization of solid fuel chars recovered from microwave hydrothermal carbonization of human biowasteAfolabi, Oluwasola O.D.; Sohail (Khan), M.; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2011Comparison of metabolomic profiles obtained using chemical ionization and electron ionization mass spectrometry in exhaled breathTurner, Matthew A.; Guallar-Hoyas, C.; Kent, A.L.; Wilson, Ian D.; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2012Control of dopants / modifiers in differential mobility spectrometry using a piezoelectric injectorMoll, Victor; Bocos-Bintintan, Victor; Ratiu, Ileana-Andreea; Ruszkiewicz, Dorota M.; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2018Convolutional neural networks for automated targeted analysis of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry dataSkarysz, Angelika; Alkhalifah, Yaser; Darnley, Kareen; Eddleston, Michael; Hu, Yang; McLaren, Duncan B.; Nailon, William H; Salman, Dahlia; Sykora, Martin D.; Thomas, C.L. Paul; Soltoggio, Andrea
2013Detection of metabolites of trapped humans using ion mobility spectrometry coupled with gas chromatographyVautz, Wolfgang; Slodzynski, Rafael; Hariharan, Chandrasekhara; Seifert, Luzia; Nolte, Jurgen; Fobbe, Rita; Sielemann, Stefanie; Lao, Bolan C.; Huo, Ran; Thomas, C.L. Paul; Hildebrand, Lars
2010Detection of volatile organic compounds in breath using thermal desorption electrospray ionization-ion mobility-mass spectrometryReynolds, James C.; Blackburn, Gavin J.; Guallar-Hoyas, C.; Moll, Victor; Bocos-Bintintan, Victor; Kaur-Atwal, G.; Howdle, Mark D.; Harry, E.L.; Brown, Lauren J.; Creaser, Colin S.; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2013The effect of a paced auditory serial addition test (PASAT) intervention on the profile of volatile organic compounds in human breath: a pilot studyTurner, Matthew A.; Bandelow, Stephan; Edwards, Louisa; Patel, Pareen; Martin, Helen J.; Wilson, Ian D.; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2018Ergonomics systems mapping for professional responder inter-operability in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear eventsHancox, Graham; Hignett, Sue; Pillin, Hilary; Kintzios, Spyros; Silmari, Jyri; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2016Fragmentation, auto-modification and post ionisation proton bound dimer ion formation: the differential mobility spectrometry of low molecular weight alcohols.Ruszkiewicz, Dorota M.; Thomas, C.L. Paul; Eiceman, G.A.
2014High throughput volatile fatty acid skin metabolite profiling by thermal desorption secondary electrospray ionisation mass spectrometryMartin, Helen J.; Reynolds, James C.; Riazanskaia, Svetlana; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2016How long may a breath sample be stored for at −80 °C? A study of the stability of volatile organic compounds trapped onto a mixed Tenax:Carbograph trap adsorbent bed from exhaled breathKang, Shuo; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2013Metabolic profiling of human saliva before and after induced physiological stress by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-ion mobility-mass spectrometryMalkar, Aditya; Devenport, Neil A.; Martin, Helen J.; Patel, Pareen; Turner, Matthew A.; Watson, Phillip; Maughan, Ronald J.; Reid, Helen J.; Sharp, Barry L.; Thomas, C.L. Paul; Reynolds, James C.; Creaser, Colin S.
2015Microwave hydrothermal carbonization of human biowasteAfolabi, Oluwasola O.D.; Sohail (Khan), M.; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2016Rapid and non-invasive method to determine toxic levels of alcohols and γ-hydroxylbutyric acid in saliva samples by gas chromatography-differential mobility spectrometryCriado-García, L.; Ruszkiewicz, Dorota M.; Eiceman, G.A.; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2016Real-time monitoring of exhaled volatiles using atmospheric pressure chemical ionization on a compact mass spectrometerHeaney, Liam M.; Ruszkiewicz, Dorota M.; Arthur, Kayleigh L.; Hadjithekli, Andria; Aldcroft, Clive; Lindley, Martin R.; Thomas, C.L. Paul; Turner, Matthew A.; Reynolds, James C.
2012Sampling and characterisation of volatile organic compound profiles in human saliva using a polydimethylsiloxane coupon placed within the oral cavityMartin, Helen J.; Riazanskaia, Svetlana; Thomas, C.L. Paul
2015Spatial variations in the microbial community structure and diversity of the human foot is associated with the production of odorous volatilesStevens, Deborah; Cornmell, Robert; Taylor, David; Grimshaw, Sally G.; Riazanskaia, Svetlana; Arnold, David S.; Fernstad, Sara J.; Smith, Adrian M.; Heaney, Liam M.; Reynolds, James C.; Thomas, C.L. Paul; Harker, Mark
2018Systems mapping for technology development in CBRN responseHancox, Graham; Hignett, Sue; Pillin, Hilary; Kintzios, Spyros; Silmari, Jyri; Thomas, C.L. Paul
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