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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Alloying of poly(vinyl chloride) to reduce plasticizer migrationThomas, Noreen L.
1991The barrier properties of paint coatingsThomas, Noreen L.
2015Blending poly(butylene succinate) with poly(lactic acid): ductility and phase inversion effectsDeng, Yixin; Thomas, Noreen L.
2011Blending polylactic acid with polyhydroxybutyrate: the effect on thermal, mechanical, and biodegradation propertiesZhang, Min; Thomas, Noreen L.
2007Cellular PVC-U: current technology and future challengesThomas, Noreen L.
2017Cement nanotubes: on chemical gardens and cementCardoso, Silvana S.S.; Cartwright, Julyan H.E.; Steinbock, Oliver; Stone, David A.; Thomas, Noreen L.
2006Cross-linking of unplasticised poly(vinyl chloride) with peroxideThomas, Noreen L.; Gilbert, Marianne; Hoang, T.
2008The effect of precipitated calcium carbonate on the mechanical properties of poly(vinyl chloride)Fernando, N.A.S.; Thomas, Noreen L.
2017Electrospinning of polylactic acid fibres containing tea tree and manuka oilZhang, Wanwei; Huang, Chao; Kusmartseva, Olga E.; Thomas, Noreen L.; Mele, Elisa
2016Electrospinning of poly(lactic acid): Theoretical approach for the solvent selection to produce defect-free electrospun nanofibresCasasola, Raffaella; Thomas, Noreen L.; Georgiadou, Stella
2017Electrospun dual-layer mats with covalently bonded ZnO nanoparticles for moisture wicking and antibacterial textilesDong, Yuliang; Thomas, Noreen L.; Lu, Xuehong
2014Electrospun poly lactic acid (PLA) fibres: effect of different solvent systems on fibre morphology and diameterCasasola, Raffaella; Thomas, Noreen L.; Trybala, Anna; Georgiadou, Stella
2011Essamplaire: an approach to working at the technology | art | design interface in textilesKane, Faith; Shakoor, Abdul; Vardy, Dan; Thomas, Noreen L.
2018Fabricating porous poly(lactic acid) fibres via electrospinningHuang, Chao; Thomas, Noreen L.
2016Fabrication of composite poly(ᴅ,ʟ-lactide)/montmorillonite nanoparticles for controlled delivery of acetaminophen by solvent-displacement method using glass capillary microfluidicsOthman, Rahimah; Vladisavljevic, Goran T.; Thomas, Noreen L.; Nagy, Zoltan K.
2015From chemical gardens to chemobrionicsBarge, Laura M.; Cardoso, Silvana S.S.; Cartwright, Julyan H.E.; Cooper, Geoffrey J.T.; Cronin, Leroy; De Wit, Anne; Doloboff, Ivria J.; Escribano, Bruno; Goldstein, Raymond E.; Haudin, Florence; Jones, David E.H.; Mackay, Alan L.; Maselko, Jerzy; Pagano, Jason J.; Pantaleone, J.; Russell, Michael J.; Ignacio Sainz-Diaz, C.; Steinbock, Oliver; Stone, David A.; Tanimoto, Yoshifumi; Thomas, Noreen L.
2012Investigation of precipitated calcium carbonate as a processing aid and impact modifier in poly(vinyl chloride)Fernando, N.A.S.; Thomas, Noreen L.
2015Materials design towards sport textiles with low-friction and moisture-wicking dual functionsDong, Yuliang; Kong, Junhua; Mu, Chenzhong; Zhao, Chenyang; Thomas, Noreen L.; Lu, Xuehong
2008Melt compounding of rigid PVC formulations with hydrotalcitesHitt, David J.; Haworth, Barry; Thomas, Noreen L.; Algahtani, M.A.
2010Opportunities for bio-polymer resource conservation through closed loop recyclingColwill, James; Wright, E.I.; Clegg, Allen J.; Rahimifard, Shahin; Thomas, Noreen L.; Haworth, Barry
Showing results 1 to 20 of 38