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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20183D printing of high performance low temperature sintered ceramic substrates for microwave applicationsCadman, Darren A.; El-Faouri, S.; Wang, Dawei; Chi-Tangyie, G.; Ghosh, Avishek; Ketharam, Annapoorani; Gheisari, Reza; Goulas, Athanasios; Lee, C.; Whittaker, T.; Zhang, Shiyu; Reaney, Ian M.; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Conway, Paul P.; Engstrom, Daniel S.; Whittow, W.G.; Vardaxoglou, J.C.
2018Additive manufacturing of metal-ceramic metamaterials for RF communicationsEngstrom, Daniel S.; Goulas, Athanasios; Gheisari, Reza; Cadman, Darren A.; Zhang, Shiyu; Wang, Dawei; Reaney, Ian M.; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Whittow, W.G.; Vardaxoglou, J.C.; Conway, Paul P.
2018Additive manufacturing of metal/ceramic metamaterial structures for RF applicationsGoulas, Athanasios; Gheisari, Reza; Ghosh, Avishek; Wang, Dawei; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Reaney, Ian M.; Vardaxoglou, J.C.; Engstrom, Daniel S.
2014A comparative study of the synthesis of nanocrystalline Yttrium Aluminium Garnet using sol-gel and co-precipitation methodsRamanujam, Prabhu; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Binner, J.G.P.; Anshuman, Aashu; Spacie, Chris
2014Comparison of spray freeze dried nanozirconia granules using ultrasonication and twin-fluid atomisationZhang, Yifei; Binner, J.G.P.; Rielly, Chris D.; Vaidhyanathan, Bala
2011Compositional effects in nanostructured yttria partially stabilised zirconiaBinner, J.G.P.; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Paul, Anish; Annaporani, Ketharam; Raghupathy, Bala P.C.
2016Deformable granule productionKetharam, Annapoorani; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Raghupathy, Bala P.C.; Binner, J.G.P.
2008Dense nanostructured zirconia by two stage conventional/hybrid microwave sinteringBinner, J.G.P.; Annapoorani, Ketharam; Paul, Anish; Santacruz, Isabel; Vaidhyanathan, Bala
2004Densification of nanostructured YSZ green compactsVaidhyanathan, Bala; Binner, J.G.P.
2017Editorial: January 2017Vaidhyanathan, Bala
2013Electromagnetic simulation studies of microwave assisted heating for the processing of nanostructured iron oxide for solar driven water splittingSaremi-Yarahmadi, Sina; Whittow, W.G.; Vaidhyanathan, Bala
2018Enhanced catalytic performance of reduced graphene oxide–TiO2 hybrids for efficient water treatment using microwave irradiationAnshuman, Aashu; Saremi-Yarahmadi, Sina; Vaidhyanathan, Bala
2018Erosion and mechanical properties of hydrothermally-resistant nanostructured zirconia componentsSaremi-Yarahmadi, Sina; Binner, J.G.P.; Vaidhyanathan, Bala
2017Evaluation of the high temperature performance of HfB2 UHTC particulate filled Cf/C compositesPaul, Anish; Rubio, Virtudes; Binner, J.G.P.; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Heaton, A.; Brown, Peter M.
2006Evidence for the microwave effect during hybrid sinteringWang, Jianxin; Binner, J.G.P.; Vaidhyanathan, Bala
2007Evidence for the microwave effect during the annealing of zinc oxideBinner, J.G.P.; Wang, Jianxin; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Joomun, N.; Kilner, J.; Dimitrakis, G.; Cross, T.E.
2011Fabrication of nanostructured α-Fe2O3 films for solar-driven hydrogen generation using hybrid heatingVaidhyanathan, Bala; Saremi-Yarahmadi, Sina; Wijayantha, K.G.U.
2016Field assisted sintering of nanostructured zirconia-alumina ceramics for demanding applicationsDowns, John A.; Ketharam, Annapoorani; Vaidhyanathan, Bala
2016Heat flux mapping of oxyacetylene flames and their use to characterise Cf-HfB2 compositesPaul, Anish; Binner, J.G.P.; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Heaton, A.; Brown, Peter M.
2011Hydrothermal aging behaviour of nanocrystalline Y-TZP ceramicsPaul, Anish; Vaidhyanathan, Bala; Binner, J.G.P.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 41