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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Activation of thin film CdTe solar cells using a cadmium bromide treatmentGreenhalgh, R.C.; Abbas, Ali; Munshi, Amit; Shimpi, Tushar M.; Barth, Kurt L.; Sampath, Walajabad S.; Bowers, Jake W.; Walls, Michael
2015The activation of thin film CdTe solar cells using alternative chlorine containing compoundsManiscalco, Bianca; Abbas, Ali; Bowers, Jake W.; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Bass, Kevin; West, G.D.; Walls, Michael
2014Aluminium-doped zinc oxide deposited by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis for thin film solar cell applicationsArnou, Panagiota; Bowers, Jake W.; Walls, Michael
2016Analysis and comparison of different selenization routes for nanoparticle ink deposited Cu(In1-xGax)(SeyS1-y)2 solar cellsEeles, Alexander; Abbas, Ali; Arnou, Panagiota; Bowers, Jake W.; Walls, Michael; Whitelegg, Stephen; Kirkham, Paul; Allen, Cary; Stubbs, Stuart; Liu, Zugang; Masala, Ombretta; Newman, Christopher; Pickett, Nigel
2018Analysis and optimisation of the glass/TCO/MZO stack for thin film CdTe solar cellsBittau, Francesco; Potamialis, C.; Togay, Mustafa; Abbas, Ali; Isherwood, Patrick J.M.; Bowers, Jake W.; Walls, Michael
2017Atmospheric-pressure plasma surface activation for solution processed photovoltaic devicesLisco, Fabiana; Walls, Michael; Shaw, Alexander H.; Wright, Alexander R.P.; Iza, Felipe
2018Atomistic insights of multiple stacking faults in CdTe thin-film photovoltaics: A DFT studyWatts, Michael J.; Yeandel, Stephen R.; Smith, Roger; Walls, Michael; Panchmatia, Pooja M.
2012Atomistic modelling of titania grown using PVD methodsBlackwell, Sabrina; Smith, Roger; Kenny, Steven D.; Walls, Michael
2011Atomistic surface erosion and thin film growth modelled over realistic time scalesScott, Chris; Blackwell, Sabrina; Vernon, Louis J.; Kenny, Steven D.; Walls, Michael; Smith, Roger
2017Blistering of magnetron sputtered thin film CdTe devicesKaminski, Piotr M.; Yilmaz, Sibel; Abbas, Ali; Bittau, Francesco; Bowers, Jake W.; Greenhalgh, R.C.; Walls, Michael
2015Cadmium chloride assisted re-crystallisation of CdTe: The effect on the CdS window layerAbbas, Ali; Kaminski, Piotr M.; West, G.D.; Barth, Kurt L.; Sampath, Walajabad S.; Bowers, Jake W.; Walls, Michael
2014Cadmium chloride-assisted re-crystallization of CdTe: the effect of annealing over-treatmentAbbas, Ali; West, G.D.; Bowers, Jake W.; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Maniscalco, Bianca; Walls, Michael; Barth, Kurt L.; Sampath, Walajabad S.
2018CdCl2 passivation of polycrystalline CdMgTe and CdZnTe absorbers for tandem photovoltaic cellsSwanson, Drew E.; Reich, Carey; Abbas, Ali; Shimpi, Tushar M.; Liu, Hanxiao; Ponce, Fernando A.; Walls, Michael; Zhang, Yong-Hang; Metzger, Wyatt K.; Sampath, Walajabad S.; Holman, Zachary C.
2018CdS barrier to minimize Zn loss during CdCl2 treatment of Cd-Zn-Te absorbersShimpi, Tushar M.; Swanson, Drew E.; Drayton, Jennifer; Abbas, Ali; Walls, Michael; Barth, Kurt L.; Sampath, Walajabad S.
2012Characterisation of laser scribes in thin film photovoltaics by coherence correlation interferometryManiscalco, Bianca; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Claudio, Gianfranco; Walls, Michael; Yu, Y.; Mansfield, D.; Crozier, M.; Brunton, A.
2017Characterization of CdTe photovoltaic devices passivated using hydrogen plasmaMunshi, Amit; Kaminski, Piotr M.; Abbas, Ali; Reddy, Shiva T.; Chandralal, Sreeram; Walls, Michael; Sampath, Walajabad S.
2017Cl diffusion in CdTe solar cells activated by gaseous CHClF2 atmosphereRimmaudo, I.; Fernandez, R. Mis; Rejon, V.; Abbas, Ali; Walls, Michael; Pena, J.L.
2017Combinatorial study of Sn-Ti-W-O transparent conducting oxide thin films for photovoltaic applicationsGona, Michael; Isherwood, Patrick J.M.; Bowers, Jake W.; Walls, Michael
2015Comparison of DC and RF sputtered aluminium-doped zinc oxide for photovoltaic applicationsIsherwood, Patrick J.M.; Gona, Michael; Bowers, Jake W.; Neves, Nuno N.P.; Newbatt, Paul; Walls, Michael
2017A comparison of different selenisation approaches for solution-processed Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 solar cellsUlicna, Sona; Arnou, Panagiota; Cooper, Carl S.; Wright, Lewis D.; Malkov, Andrei V.; Walls, Michael; Bowers, Jake W.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 98