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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Adhesion of precision welded lead-free electrical interconnects formed by molten droplet depositionWebb, D. Patrick; Liu, Changqing; Sarvar, Farhad; Conway, Paul P.; Williams, K.
2012The assessment of areal surface texture parameters for characterizing the adhesive bond strength of copper plated micro-machined glass.He, Baofeng; Petzing, Jon N.; Webb, D. Patrick; Leach, Richard K.; Conway, Paul P.
2018Assessment of the capability of an optical sensor for in-line real-time wastewater quality analysis in food manufacturingSkouteris, George; Webb, D. Patrick; Shin, Kei Lok Felix; Rahimifard, Shahin
2000Bandwidth considerations in modulated and transient photoconductivity measurements to determine localized state distributionsReynolds, S.; Main, C.; Webb, D. Patrick; Grabtchak, S.
2016A concept of water usage efficiency to support water reduction in manufacturing industrySachidananda, Madhu; Webb, D. Patrick; Rahimifard, Shahin
2008Current leakage failure of conformally coated electronic assembliesDou, Guangbin; Webb, D. Patrick; Whalley, David C.; Hutt, David A.; Wilson, Antony R.
2010Design and construction of large-area flexible printed-circuit automotive electrical interconnection harnessesWebb, D. Patrick; Jaggernauth, Wayne A.; Cottrill, Michael C.W.; Palmer, Paul J.; West, Andrew A.; Conway, Paul P.
1998Effects of bandwidth limitations on the localized state distribution calculated from transient photoconductivity dataWebb, D. Patrick; Main, C.; Reynolds, S.; Chan, Y.C.; Lam, Y.W.; O’Leary, S.K.
2004Electromagnetic compatibility performance of large area flexible printed circuit automotive harnessWebb, D. Patrick; Jaggernauth, Wayne A.; Cottrill, Michael C.W.; West, Andrew A.; Conway, Paul P.; Palmer, Paul J.
2010Epoxy adhesive behaviour on ceramic surfaces in commercial optoelectronic assembliesWilliams, Owain; Liu, Changqing; Webb, D. Patrick; Firth, P.
2017Forging new frontiers in sustainable food manufacturingRahimifard, Shahin; Woolley, Elliot; Webb, D. Patrick; Garcia-Garcia, Guillermo; Stone, Jamie; Jellil, Aicha; Gimenez-Escalante, Pedro; Jagtap, Sandeep; Trollman, Hana
2018In-plant real-time manufacturing water content characterisationWebb, D. Patrick; Skouteris, George; Rahimifard, Shahin
2010Low frequency induction heating for the sealing of plastic microfluidic systemsKnauf, Benedikt J.; Webb, D. Patrick; Liu, Changqing; Conway, Paul P.
2015On-chip single cell funneling operated by microfabricated thermo-responsive hydrogel layersSantaniello, Tommaso; Yan, Yunsong; Tocchio, Alessandro; Martello, Federico; Gassa, Federico; Webb, D. Patrick; Zhao, Weiwei; Tamplenizza, Margherita; Schulte, Carsten; Liu, Yang; Hutt, David A.; Milani, Paolo; Conway, Paul P.; Lenardi, Cristina
2009Packaging of microfluidic devices for fluid interconnection using thermoplasticsWebb, D. Patrick; Hutt, David A.; Hopkinson, Neil; Conway, Paul P.; Palmer, Paul J.
2009Productionisation issues for commercialisation of microfluidic based devicesWebb, D. Patrick; Knauf, Benedikt J.; Liu, Changqing; Hutt, David A.; Conway, Paul P.
2000Scanning acoustic microscopy investigation of engineered flip-chip delaminationHutt, David A.; Whalley, David C.; Webb, D. Patrick; Hung, K.C.; Tang, C.W.; Conway, Paul P.; Chan, U.C.
2000Study of self-alignment of μBGA packagesHung, K.C.; Chan, Y.C.; Tu, P.L.; Ong, H.C.; Webb, D. Patrick; Lai, J.K.L.
2008A substrateless process for sustainable manufacture of electronic assembliesWebb, D. Patrick; Hutt, David A.; Whalley, David C.; Palmer, Paul J.
2006The UK electronics manufacturing industry 1997-2003: a case study of the effect of globalizationWebb, D. Patrick; Reed, Fiona M.; Carpineta, P.; Walsh, Kathryn
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