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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Advantages of block copolymer synthesis by RAFT-controlled dispersion polymerization in supercritical carbon dioxideJennings, James; Beija, Mariana; Kennon, Jeremy T.; Willcock, Helen; O'Reilly, Rachel K.; Rimmer, Stephen; Howdle, Steven M.
2018Bioinspired poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes with directional release of therapeutic essential oilsBalzamo, G.; Willcock, Helen; Ali, Junaid; Ratcliffe, Elizabeth; Mele, Elisa
2016CO2/pH-responsive particles with built-in fluorescence read-outMabire, Anne B.; Brouard, Quentin; Pitto-Barry, Anais; Williams, R.J.; Willcock, Helen; Kirby, Nigel; Chapman, Emma; O'Reilly, Rachel K.
2015Complementary light scattering and synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering studies of the micelle-to-unimer transition of polysulfobetainesDoncom, Kay E.B.; Pitto-Barry, Anais; Willcock, Helen; Lu, Annhelen; McKenzie, Beulah E.; Kirby, Nigel; O'Reilly, Rachel K.
2017The direct synthesis of sulfobetaine-containing amphiphilic block copolymers and their self-assembly behaviorDoncom, Kay E.B.; Willcock, Helen; O'Reilly, Rachel K.
2018Dispersion of upconverting nanostructures of CePO4 using rod and semi-spherical morphologies into transparent PMMA/PU IPNs by the sequential routePalma-Ramirez, D.; Dominguez-Crespo, M.A.; Torres-Huerta, A.M.; Escobar-Barrios, V.A.; Dorantes-Rosales, H.; Willcock, Helen
2014Dual effect of thiol addition on fluorescent polymeric micelles: ON-to-OFF emissive switch and morphology transitionMabire, Anne B.; Robin, Matthew P.; Willcock, Helen; Pitto-Barry, Anais; Kirby, Nigel; O'Reilly, Rachel K.
2016Efficient access to conjugated 4,4′-bipyridinium oligomers using the Zincke reaction: Synthesis, spectroscopic and electrochemical propertiesChen, Long; Willcock, Helen; Wedge, Christopher J.; Hartl, Frantisek; Colquhoun, Howard M.; Greenland, Barnaby W.
2010End group removal and modification of RAFT polymersWillcock, Helen; O'Reilly, Rachel K.
2014Exploiting nucleobase-containing materials: from monomers to complex morphologies using RAFT dispersion polymerizationKang, Yan; Pitto-Barry, Anais; Willcock, Helen; Quan, Wen-Dong; Kirby, Nigel; Sanchez, Ana M.; O'Reilly, Rachel K.
2013Fluorescent nanoparticles from PEGylated polyfluorenesBehrendt, Jonathan M.; Wang, Yun; Willcock, Helen; Wall, Laura; McCairn, Mark C.; O'Reilly, Rachel K.; Turner, Michael L.
2017Mixing in microfluidic devices as a new strategy for fabrication of nanoparticlesBandulasena, Monalie V.; Vladisavljevic, Goran T.; Willcock, Helen; Benyahia, Brahim
2014A multifunctional azobenzene-based polymeric adsorbent for effective water remediationWan, Decheng; Chen, F. [Feng]; Geng, Qingrui; Lu, Hang; Willcock, Helen; Liu, Qiuming; Wang, Fangyingkai; Zou, Kaidian; Jin, Ming; Pu, Hongting; Du, Jianzhong
2017One-pot synthesis of micron-sized polybetaine particles; innovative use of supercritical carbon dioxideBassett, Simon P.; Birkin, Natasha A.; Jennings, James; Chapman, Emma; O'Reilly, Rachel K.; Howdle, Steven M.; Willcock, Helen
2013One-pot synthesis of responsive sulfobetaine nanoparticles by RAFT polymerisation: the effect of branching on the UCST cloud pointWillcock, Helen; Lu, Annhelen; Hansell, Claire F.; Chapman, Emma; Collins, Ian R.; O'Reilly, Rachel K.
2014The pH-induced vesicle-to-micelle morphology transition of a THP-protected polymerDoncom, Kay E.B.; Willcock, Helen; O'Reilly, Rachel K.
2011pH-responsive chiral nanostructuresDu, Jianzhong; Willcock, Helen; Ieong, Nga Sze; O'Reilly, Rachel K.
2017Production of biocompatible gold nanoparticles for drug delivery using droplet based glass capillary microfluidic [Abstract]Bandulasena, Monalie V.; Vladisavljevic, Goran T.; Willcock, Helen; Benyahia, Brahim
2017Production of biocompatible gold nanoparticles using glass capillary microfluidic devices for drug delivery applications [Powerpoint Presentation]Bandulasena, Monalie V.; Vladisavljevic, Goran T.; Willcock, Helen; Benyahia, Brahim
2017Recent appointees in Polymer Science special issueFernandez-Trillez, Francisco; Willcock, Helen
Showing results 1 to 20 of 24