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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Blind assessment for stereo images considering binocular characteristics and deep perception map based on deep belief networkYang, Jiachen; Zhao, Yang; Zhu, Yinghao; Xu, Huifang; Lu, Wen; Meng, Qinggang
2018A blind stereoscopic image quality evaluator with segmented stacked autoencoders considering the whole visual perception routeYang, Jiachen; Sim, Kyohoon; Gao, Xinbo; Lu, Wen; Meng, Qinggang; Li, Baihua
2018A deep evaluator for image retargeting quality by geometrical and contextual interactionJiang, Bin; Yang, Jiachen; Meng, Qinggang; Li, Baihua; Lu, Wen
2019Deep learning-based edge caching for multi-cluster heterogeneous networksYang, Jiachen; Zhang, Jipeng; Ma, Chaofan; Wang, Huihui; Zhang, Juping; Zheng, Gan
2017A fast image retrieval method designed for network big dataYang, Jiachen; Jiang, Bin; Li, Baihua; Tian, Kun; Lv, Zhihan
2017Internet cross-media retrieval based on deep learningJiang, Bin; Yang, Jiachen; Lv, Zhihan; Tian, Kun; Meng, Qinggang; Yan, Yan
2017A no-reference optical flow-based quality evaluator for stereoscopic videos in curvelet domainYang, Jiachen; Wang, Huanling; Lu, Wen; Li, Baihua; Badii, Atta; Meng, Qinggang
2018No reference quality assessment of stereo video based on saliency and sparsityYang, Jiachen; Ji, Chunqi; Jiang, Bin; Lu, Wen; Meng, Qinggang
2016No-reference stereoscopic image-quality metric accounting for left and right similarity map and spatial structure degradationWang, Huanling; Yang, Jiachen; Lu, Wen; Li, Baihua; Tian, Kun; Meng, Qinggang
2015Objective evaluation criteria for stereo camera shooting quality under different shooting parameters and shooting distancesYang, Jiachen; Liu, Yun; Meng, Qinggang; Chu, Rongrong
2018Quality assessment for virtual reality technology based on real sceneJiang, Bin; Yang, Jiachen; Jiang, Na; Lv, Zhihan; Meng, Qinggang
2016Quality assessment metric of stereo images considering cyclopean integration and visual saliencyYang, Jiachen; Wang, Yafang; Li, Baihua; Lu, Wen; Meng, Qinggang; Lv, Zhihan; Zhao, Dezong; Gao, Zhiqun
2016Quality index for stereoscopic images by jointly evaluating cyclopean amplitude and cyclopean phaseLin, Yancong; Yang, Jiachen; Lu, Wen; Meng, Qinggang; Lv, Zhihan; Song, Houbing
2017Sparse representation based stereoscopic image quality assessment accounting for perceptual cognitive processYang, Jiachen; Jiang, Bin; Wang, Yafang; Lu, Wen; Meng, Qinggang
2016Stereoscopic image quality assessment method based on binocular combination saliency modelLiu, Yun; Yang, Jiachen; Meng, Qinggang; Lu, Zhihan; Song, Zhanjie; Gao, Zhiqun
2018Stereoscopic video quality assessment based on 3D convolutional neural networksYang, Jiachen; Zhu, Yinghao; Ma, Chaofan; Lu, Wen; Meng, Qinggang
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16