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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Comparison of two novel MRAS based strategies for identifying parameters in permanent magnet synchronous motorsLiu, Kan; Zhang, Qiao; Zhu, Zi-Qiang; Zhang, Jing; Shen, An-Wen; Stewart, Paul
2014Current control for dual three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors accounting for current unbalance and harmonicsHu, Yashan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang; Liu, Kan
2016Determination of electrical parameters of PMSM drive system at standstillLiu, Kan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2017Fast determination of moment of inertia of permanent magnet synchronous machine drives for design of speed loop regulatorLiu, Kan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2015Improved high-frequency carrier voltage measurement for position estimation of switched-flux permanent magnet machinesLin, Tzu-Chi; Zhu, Zi-Qiang; Liu, Kan
2017Improved position offset based parameter determination of permanent magnet synchronous machines under different load conditionsLiu, Kan; Feng, Jianghua; Guo, Shuying; Xiao, Lei; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2015Improved rotor position estimation in sensorless-controlled permanent-magnet synchronous machines having asymmetric-EMF with harmonic compensationLin, Tzu-Chi; Zhu, Zi-Qiang; Liu, J.M.
2016Improved sensorless control of switched-flux permanent-magnet synchronous machines based on different winding configurationsLin, Tzu-Chi; Zhu, Zi-Qiang; Liu, Kan; Liu, J.M.
2012Influence of nonideal voltage measurement on parameter estimation in permanent-magnet synchronous machinesLiu, Kan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang; Zhang, Qiao; Zhang, Jing
2014Investigation of saliency in a switched-flux permanent-magnet machine using high-frequency signal injectionLin, Tzu-Chi; Gong, L.M.; Liu, J.M.; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2015Mechanical parameter estimation of permanent-magnet synchronous machines with aiding from estimation of rotor PM flux linkageLiu, Kan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2014Online estimation of the rotor flux linkage and voltage-source inverter nonlinearity in permanent magnet synchronous machine drivesLiu, Kan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2011Online multiparameter estimation of nonsalient-pole PM synchronous machines with temperature variation trackingLiu, Kan; Zhang, Qiao; Chen, Jintao; Zhu, Zi-Qiang; Zhang, Jing
2013Parameter estimation for condition monitoring of PMSM stator winding and rotor permanent magnetsLiu, Kan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang; Stone, David
2015Position offset-based parameter estimation for permanent magnet synchronous machines under variable speed controlLiu, Kan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2015Position-offset-based parameter estimation using the adaline NN for condition monitoring of permanent-magnet synchronous machinesLiu, Kan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2015Quantum genetic algorithm-based parameter estimation of PMSM under variable speed control accounting for system identifiability and VSI nonlinearityLiu, Kan; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2012Saliency investigation of switched-flux PM brushless AC machine for saliency-tracking-based sensorless controlLin, Tzu-Chi; Gong, L.M.; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2014Sensorless operation capability of surface-mounted permanent magnet machine based on high-frequency signal injection methodsLin, Tzu-Chi; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
2015Sensorless operation capability of surface-mounted permanent-magnet machine based on high-frequency signal injection methodsLin, Tzu-Chi; Zhu, Zi-Qiang
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21