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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Activation of hydrogen peroxide by diphenyl diselenide for highly enantioselective oxaziridinium salt mediated catalytic asymmetric epoxidationBuckley, Benjamin R.; Elliott, Claire; Chan, Yohan; Dreyfus, Nicholas; Page, Philip C. Bulman
2001Adsorption of toxic metals from water using commercial and modified granular and fibrous activated carbonsRangel-Mendez, J.R.
2015Analysis of deposits formed during biomass co-firing on 15Mo3 under different gas and temperature conditionsLay, V.F.; Higginson, Rebecca L.; Hogg, Simon C.; Kirk, Caroline A.; Davis, C.
2016Chemoselective oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides with urea-hydrogen peroxide complex catalysed by diselenidePage, Philip C. Bulman; Buckley, Benjamin R.; Elliott, Claire; Chan, Yohan; Dreyfus, Nicolas; Marken, Frank
1987The corrosion behavior of Fe-Cr-Ni alloys in complex high temperature gaseous atmospheres containing the reactants oxygen, sulphur and carbonKneeshaw, Jonathan. A.
2005A diesel particulate filter regeneration model with a multi-step chemical reaction schemeLaw, M.C.; Clarke, Andrew; Garner, Colin P.
2011Effect of cyclic stress and exposure temperature on oxidation damage for a nickel-based superalloyKarabela, A.; Zhao, Liguo; Tong, Jie; Simms, N.J.; Nicholls, J.R.; Hardy, M.C.
2015Effect of thermally grown oxides on colour development of stainless steelHigginson, Rebecca L.; Jackson, Charles P.; Murrell, E.L.; Exworthy, P.A.Z.; Mortimer, Roger J.; Worrall, David R.; Wilcox, G.D.
2004The effects of soot properties on the regeneration behaviour of wall-flow diesel particulate filtersLaw, M.C.; Clarke, Andrew; Garner, Colin P.
2007In-situ generation of 2-Iodoxybenzoic Acid (IBX) in the presence of Tetraphenylphosphonium monoperoxysulfate (TPPP) for the conversion of primary alcohols into the corresponding aldehydesPage, Philip C. Bulman; Appleby, Louise M.; Buckley, Benjamin R.; Allin, Steven M.; McKenzie, Michael J.
2017An investigation on oxidation/carburisation of 9Cr-1Mo steel heat exchanger tube in an AGR environmentYan, Xinjie Sabrina; Doak, Scott; Thomson, Rachel C.; Higginson, Rebecca L.
2015Microstructural development of nickel-based alloys oxidised in high temperature air and steam environments over a range of pressuresGorman, David M.
2009Modelling the high temperature behaviour of TBCs using sequentially coupled microstructural-mechanical FE analysesHermosilla, U.; Karunaratne, M.; Jones, I.A.; Hyde, Tom H.; Thomson, Rachel C.
2009A multicomponent diffusion model for prediction of microstructural evolution in coated Ni based superalloy systemsKarunaratne, M.; Ogden, Sarah L.; Kenny, Steven D.; Thomson, Rachel C.
2009New systems for catalytic asymmetric epoxidationParker, Phillip
2009Ozonation kinetics of winery wastewater in a pilot-scale bubble column reactorLucas, Marco S.; Peres, Jose A.; Lan, Bing Yan; Li Puma, Gianluca
2002Partial oxidation of propene using solid electrolyte membrane reactorsAl-Musa, Abdullah Abdulaziz
2015Post‐production treatments to influence the reactivity of particulate matter from internal combustion enginesHillman, Brian R.
2011A rapid and highly diastereoselective synthesis of enantiomerically pure (4R,5R)- and (4S,5S)-isocytoxazoneBuckley, Benjamin R.; Page, Philip C. Bulman; McKee, Vickie
2012Stress corrosion cracking of low pressure steam turbine blade and rotor materialsVerona, Claire L.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21