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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Bioactive sol-gel glasses at the atomic scale: the complementary use of advanced probe and computer modelling methodsChristie, Jamieson K.; Cormack, Alastair N.; Hanna, John V.; Martin, Richard A.; Newport, Robert J.; Pickup, David M.; Smith, Mark E.
2006Electrochemical properties of core-shell TiC–TiO2 nanoparticle films immobilized at ITO electrode surfacesStott, Susan J.; Mortimer, Roger J.; Dann, Sandra E.; Oyama, Munetaka; Marken, Frank
2016The emergence of quantum capacitance in epitaxial grapheneBen Gouider Trabelsi, A.; Kusmartsev, F.V.; Forrester, Michael; Kusmartseva, Olga E.; Gaifullin, Marat; Cropper, Pat; Oueslati, M.
2007Lactose: a definitive guide to polymorph determinationKirk, Joanne H.; Dann, Sandra E.; Blatchford, C.G.
2016Microfluidic fabrication of hydrocortisone nanocrystals coated with polymeric stabilisersOdetade, David; Vladisavljevic, Goran T.
2014Orientationally textured thin films of WOx deposited by pulsed laser depositionCaruana, Andrew J.; Cropper, Michael D.
2012Piezochromism in nickel salicylaldoximato complexes: tuning crystal-field splitting with high pressureByrne, Peter J.; Richardson, Patricia J.; Chang, John; Kusmartseva, Anna F.; Allan, David R.; Jones, Anita C.; Kamenev, Konstantin V.; Tasker, Peter A.; Parsons, Simon
1992Structural and pharmacological studies of synthetic and endogenous opioid receptor ligandsPatel, Dinesh
2015A study of crystallisation of poly (ethylene oxide) and polypropylene on graphene surfaceTong, Yao; Lin, Yue; Wang, Shanda; Song, Mo
2014Synthesis and characterisation of nickel-bearing hydrous silicatesJackson, Joseph
2013Synthesis and structural characterisation of new ettringite and thaumasite type phases: Ca6[Ga(OH)6•12H2O]2(SO4)3•2H2O and Ca6[M(OH)6•12H2O]2(SO4)2(CO3)2, M = Mn, SnNorman, Rachel L.; Dann, Sandra E.; Hogg, Simon C.; Kirk, Caroline A.
2015Vanadium(V) oxo and Imido calix[8]arene complexes: synthesis, structural studies, and ethylene homo/copolymerisation capabilityRedshaw, Carl; Walton, Mark J.; Lee, Darren S.; Jiang, Chengying; Elsegood, Mark R.J.; Michiue, Kenji
2013Variable step radial ordering in carbon onionsSiklitskaya, Alexandra; Yastrebov, Sergey; Smith, Roger
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13