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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Microstructural evolution in Grade 91(9CR-1MoVNb) power plant steelsSanchez-Hanton, J.J.
2013Microstructural evolution in high chromium steelsZhu, Pengshu
2011Microstructural evolution in Nimonic 263 for high temperature power plantSmith, Sean A.; West, G.D.; Chi, K.; Gamble, W.; Thomson, Rachel C.
2010Microstructural evolution in service exposed low alloy power plant steelsBurke, Kate
2014Microstructural evolution of MCrAlY coated Ni-based superalloy systemsYan, Xin J.
2014Microstructural evolution of Nimonic 263 for use in next generation power plantSmith, Sean A.
2012Microstructural evolution of single crystal and directionally solidified rejuvenated nickel superalloysRowe, A.; Wells, J.; West, G.D.; Thomson, Rachel C.; Huron, E.S.; Reed, R.C.; Hardy, M.C.; Mills, M.J.; Montero, R.E.; Portella, P.D.; Telesman, J.
2007Microstructural features and mechanical behaviour of lead free solders for microelectronic packagingGong, Jicheng
1999The microstructural modelling of austempered ductile iron camshaftsJames, Jocelyn S.
2014Microstructural rejuvenation in single crystal Ni-based superalloysYao, Zhiqi
2010Microstructure and electrical properties of Aurivillius phase (CaBi2Nb2O9)1-x(BaBi2Nb2O9)x solid solutionZhang, Hongtao; Yan, Haixue; Reece, Michael J.
2015Microstructure and performance of CdTe solar devicesManiscalco, Bianca
2014Microstructure-based multiphysics modeling for semiconductor integration and packagingHuang, Zhiheng; Xiong, Hua; Wu, Zhiyong; Conway, Paul P.; Davies, Hugh; Dinsdale, Alan; En, Yunfei; Zeng, Qingfeng
2014Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of selective laser melted Ti-6Al-4VSimonelli, Marco
1999Microstructure formation during MnAs growth on GaAs(0 0 1)Schippan, Frank; Trampert, A.; Daweritz, L.; Ploog, K.H.; Dennis, B.; Neumann, K-U.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2012Microstructure of friction surface developed on carbon fibre reinforced carbon-silicon carbide (Cf /C-SiC)Wang, Yuan; Wu, Houzheng
2014The microstructure of thin film cadmium telluride photovoltaic materialsAbbas, Ali
2006Microstructures of alumina-aluminium/magnesium interpenetrating compositesHigginson, Rebecca L.; Chang, Hong; Binner, J.G.P.
2013Microvascular endothelial cell spreading and proliferation on nanofibrous scaffolds by polymer blends with enhanced wettabilityMoffa, Maria; Polini, Alessandro; Sciancalepore, Anna G.; Persano, Luana; Mele, Elisa; Gioia Passione, L.; Potente, Giovanni; Pisignano, Dario
2011Microwave antennas and heterogeneous substrates using nanomaterial fabrication techniques (Invited paper for ICEA11)Njoku, Chinwe C.; Whittow, W.G.; Vardaxoglou, J.C.
Showing results 10310 to 10329 of 17647