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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The influence of alarm timing on braking response and driver trust in low speed drivingAbe, Genya; Richardson, John H.
2006The influence of alarm timing on driver response to collision warning systems following system failureAbe, Genya; Richardson, John H.
2004Influence of anti-dive and anti-squat geometry in combined vehicle bounce and pitch dynamicsAzman, M.; Rahnejat, Homer; King, P.D.; Gordon, T.J.
2011Influence of a numerical boundary layer trips within LES of a subsonic jet on spatio-temporal correlationsPokora, C.D.; McMullan, W.A.; Page, Gary J.; McGuirk, James J.
2013Influence of array interspacing on the force required for successful microneedle skin penetration: theoretical and practical approachesOlatunji, Ololade; Das, Diganta Bhusan; Garland, Martin J.; Belaid, Luc; Donnelly, Ryan F.
2004The influence of atomic order and residual strain on the magnetic and structural properties of Ni2MnGaKreissl, M.; Kanomata, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Neumann, K-U.; Ouladdiaf, B.; Stephens, T.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2003The influence of atomic order on the magnetic and structural properties of the ferromagnetic shape memory compound Ni2MnGaKreissl, M.; Neumann, K-U.; Stephens, T.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.
2014Influence of blur on feature matching and a geometric approach for photogrammetric deblurringSieberth, Till; Wackrow, Rene; Chandler, Jim H.
2010Influence of brisk walking on appetite, energy intake, and plasma acylated ghrelinKing, James A.; Wasse, Lucy K.; Broom, David R.; Stensel, David J.
2012The influence of business models and carrier nationality on airline liveries: an analysis of 637 airlinesBudd, Lucy C.S.
2010The influence of caffeine on lymphocyte activation after prolonged high intensity exerciseFletcher, Deborah K.
2009Influence of calcium phosphate crystal morphology on the adhesion, spreading, and growth of bone derived cellsLiu, Yang; Shelton, R.M.; Gbureck, U.; Barralet, J.E.
1993Influence of carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks on muscle metabolism and endurance running performance in manTsintzas, Orestis-Konstantinos
2002The influence of carbohydrate-electrolyte ingestion on metabolism and soccer skill performance during and following prolonged intermittent exerciseAli, Ajmol
2009Influence of carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions on self-selected endurance running performanceRollo, Ian
2015The influence of carbohydrate mouth rinse on self-selected intermittent running performanceRollo, Ian; Homewood, George; Williams, Clyde; Carter, James; Goosey-Tolfrey, Victoria L.
2014Influence of carbon nanotubes on the rheology and dynamic mechanical properties of polyamide-12 for laser sinteringBai, Jiaming; Goodridge, Ruth; Hague, Richard J.M.; Song, Mo; Okamoto, Masami
2006Influence of carrying heavy loads on soldiers' posture, movements and gaitAttwells, Renee L.; Birrell, Stewart A.; Hooper, Robin H.; Mansfield, Neil J.
2014Influence of catalytic systems on the synthesis of (dis)entangled UHMWPE and its implications on mechanical propertiesRomano, Dario
2015Influence of chemical curatives on the reaction between sulphur in silane and rubberphases in naturaltubber/polybutadiene blend reinforced with a silanised silica nanofillerUmar, Zainudin; Ansarifar, A.
Showing results 9918 to 9937 of 21572