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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Zealous pursuit: a commercial perspective on e-Learning standardsBooth, Paul A.
2009A zero-dimensional combustion model with reduced kinetics for SI engine knock simulationLiu, Zhen; Chen, Rui
2011Zero-energy buildingGoodier, Chris I.
2011The Zero-Inflated Ordered Probit approach to modelling sports participationDownward, Paul M.; Lera-Lopez, Fernando; Rasciute, Simona
2005Zerotree-based stereoscopic video CODECThanapirom, S.; Fernando, W.A.C.; Edirisinghe, Eran A.
2009A ZigBee-based home automation systemGill, Khusvinder; Yang, Shuang-Hua; Yao, Fang; Lu, Xin
2008A ZigBee-based mobile tracking system through wireless sensor networksAlhmiedat, Tareq Ali; Yang, Shuang-Hua
2007Zigbee enabled radio frequency identification systemYang, Huanjia; Yao, Fang; Yang, Shuang-Hua
2005Zinc and zinc alloy composite coatings for corrosion protection and wear resistanceTuaweri, Johnnie T.
2002Zinc based composite coatings as an alternative to electrodeposited cadmiumSimmons, M.
2014Zinc calixarene complexes for the ring opening polymerization of cyclic estersWalton, Mark J.; Lancaster, Simon J.; Wright, Joseph A.; Elsegood, Mark R.J.; Redshaw, Carl
2003Zinc compounds as flame retardants and smoke suppressants for rigid PVCThomas, Noreen L.
1990Zinc electrode performance in modified electrolyteBass, Kevin
2013Zinc oxide-doped indium oxide (IZO): an amorphous transparent conducting oxide for use in tandem solar cellsGrew, Benjamin A.; Bowers, Jake W.; Upadhyaya, H.M.
2015Zinc whisker growth from electroplated finishes - a reviewWu, L.; Ashworth, Mark A.; Wilcox, G.D.
2009Zones of inhibition? The transfer of information relating to penicillin in Europe during World War II. [Chapter 5 Zones of Inhibition? The Transfer of Information Relating to Penicillin in Europe during World War II].Shama, Gilbert
2003Zwischen Wissenschaftsforderung und auswartiger Kulturpolitik: Eine Interpretation der Forderzahlen der Humboldt-Stiftung nach funf JahrzehntenJons, Heike
2015Zwitterionic nanofibers of super-glue for transparent and biocompatible multi-purpose coatingsMele, Elisa; Heredia-Guerrero, Jose A.; Bayer, Ilker S.; Ciofani, Gianni; Genchi, Giada G.; Ceseracciu, Luca; Davis, Alexander; Papadopoulou, Evie L.; Barthel, Markus J.; Marini, Lara; Ruffilli, Roberta; Athanassiou, Athanassia
2008μ-Pyrazine-2,5-dicarboxylato-bis[chlorido(η6-p-cymene)ruthenium(II)] tert-butanol disolvateBallester, Noelia M. Sanchez; Elsegood, Mark R.J.; Smith, Martin B.
2015ВЛИЯНИЕ МЕЖМИНИЗОННОГО ТУННЕЛИРОВАНИЯ НА ГЕНЕРАЦИЮ ТОКА В ПОЛУПРОВОДНИКОВОЙ СВЕРХРЕШЕТКЕSel'skii, Anton O.; Koronovskii, Alexey A.; Moskalenko, Olga I.; Hramov, Alexander E.; Fromhold, T.M.; Greenaway, M.T.; Balanov, Alexander G.
Showing results 23832 to 23851 of 23853