Notice and takedown policy

Loughborough University Library will, upon notification, consider removing any material on receipt of a complaint.

Complaints include contact from the owner or representative of the owner with intellectual property rights in all or part of the resource; the creator of all or part of the resource who has moral rights or any individual or organisation who believes that any of the material held on the Institutional Repository is in some way illegal.

Complaints will include notice of:

To make such a complaint, the complainant should send an e-mail or letter to the Institutional Repository Manager ( specifying the particular item that is the subject of the complaint and the grounds for the complaint. On receipt of the complaint, the Repository Manager will make an initial assessment of the validity of the complaint and will acknowledge its receipt.

Where the complaint is valid and to be pursued, the content that is subject to complaint will be temporarily removed from the repository pending an agreed solution.

The Repository Manager will then contact the contributor of the material and inform them that the item is subject to complaint, under what allegations and they will be encouraged to assuage the complainants concerns. The Repository Manager will spend a reasonable amount of time attempting to resolve the problem by mediating between the complainant and the contributor. All attempts will be made to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably to the satisfaction of both the complainant and the contributor.

If a resolution is found through mediating between the parties, this will be enacted/initiated. This will involve one of the following outcomes: